July 28, 2019

This Afternoon, Middletown and Oranda.

This afternoon I went to a talk at Belle Grove Plantation on the findings of an archaeological study of the slave quarters site. Excavations have been going on for a few summers and are now winding down. I visited the site two years ago.

Matt Greer explained what they have found, including a cabin site, a fire pit, and a trash pit. Enslaved people at Belle Grove were able to have gardens and sell the extra vegetables.
Link: Enslaved at Belle Grove.

After I left Middletown, I still had a trunk load of recycling to take to one of the "convenience sites." I decided to avoid the highway and drove down a couple of back roads. I stopped in Oranda to take pictures of this little chapel at "Millersville."

This little village is not a real town, but rather a reconstructed assemblage of old buildings. The chapel has been added since I photographed the little store in 2015.  I don't know where it is from.
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I also passed some nice farms, but could only stop safely to photograph this one because there was a lane where I could pull over. 


  1. I we had a dig ona Roman Villa in our village but I missed out on the tour of the site. Always find digs interesting. I love how the church had meen moved there so it can be kept restored for the future and not lost

  2. I like the idea of a reconstructed assemblage of old buildings. We don't have one here.

  3. ...archaeology is a slow, exacting process, something that I wouldn't be good at. How neat that someone has collected and saved old building, that would be right up my alley. Wonderful farm, I pass many nice ones that are just too hard to photograph. Thanks Linda for stopping by.

  4. Archaeology is so interesting! Pretty farm scene!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Beautiful farm landscape. I love archaelogy in fact I live in a place full of etruscan and roman historical finds.

  6. Thank you Linda, I always enjoy the interesting places you share. I once thought when I was young that I might like to become an archaeologist. Always found these sites fascinating and the talk must have been equally so.

  7. Great to see more archeology being pursued in your area. The re-built town may eventually have more buildings. Lovely barn, good thing you could pull off the road. I would love to see more of that little church!

  8. I would love to visit that plantation. I love history and archeology.


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