July 29, 2019

Good Vibrations Random-osity

The Good: Bill and Peggy were in town for a high school reunion this weekend. We met them for breakfast this morning in Winchester. 
Bill and My Sister Peggy.
 The Random: The mural-size spider web on this van caught my eye. I see that they are the "Official Pest Control Partner" of the Washington Football Team. Money buys strange alliances.
Monday Mural.
Fun, Fun, Fun... 🎶 Lynn won free tickets to the Beach Boys Concert in Orkney Springs. We met in Mt. Jackson late Friday afternoon so we could travel in one car. Parking is often a challenge there, and this time it involved a shuttle bus, but we were there and seated in lawn chairs before the show started.

The Beach Boys formed in 1961, which is before Lynn was born. They were teens, but it is impressive that they are still touring, including original member Mike Love. The instruments were strong and rocking, and audience members clapped and sang along with the vocals.
Mosaic Monday.
P.S. I posted pictures of Lynn and me at another concert at this venue two years ago. (Lynn is my older daughter and we've been to quite a few concerts over the years.)


  1. Linda - wow. The Beach Boys. I am not sure people appreciate the talent - they just get lost in the 'good vibrations'! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. I have no idea what the current Beach Boys sound like. The original guys had such an amazing sound.

  3. Hello, I used to love the Beach Boys. I am sure their concerts are fun! Have a happy day and great week ahead.

  4. ...I saw the Beach Boys in 1963.

  5. Interesting mural in the van :)
    Love the Beach Boys, I had no idea they were still touring. Thanks for participating Linda.

  6. A great summer collection...outdoor concerts are so enjoyable!

  7. One of the original Beach Boys was here last fall, as I recall.

  8. I remember the Beach Boys and it's amazing they are still singing and touring. Sounds like a great concert.

  9. This is great, nothing like a live performance and I would love to see the Beach Boys.

  10. I still like The Beach Boys …
    Nice to see all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  11. How neat that you got to go to this concert, especially for free. I bet it was a lot of fun.


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