January 29, 2015

Artful Nostalgia

store with rail fence

I glimpsed this place one day just before dark and decided to go back on a sunny day to get a better look. Isn't it cute? Someone has fixed it up to look like an old-time store and they even decorated the mailbox!

Note the split-rail fence and the windmill and (below) the signs and antique gas pump.

Nearby is a log building with a small mill wheel. All this is on a country road not far from the commuter parking lot near Strasburg.

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  1. The log building really appeals to me!

  2. I'd want to go back for a second look at those buildings, too. I really like the style of fence in the first photo!

  3. What a great place to bring your camera. Good catch.

  4. What a wonderful find. Great that you went back with your camera for us.

  5. That place indeed askes for further investigation. Great find.

  6. It is a cute place, I love the decorated mail box.. Happy Friday!

  7. What a neat place. Tom The Backroads Trabeller

  8. This is a place with distinct personality!


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