July 27, 2017

Archaeology at Belle Grove

Middletown, Virginia
"Archaeology in Progress. Visitors Welcome"
Belle Grove is a beautiful historic site in nearby Frederick County. Historical records show that enslaved people lived and worked there before the Civil War. Since only bits and pieces of their stories are left in the historical record, archaeology is one way of learning more details. On this field across from the manor house, archaeologists are seeking to find where the field hands lived and what items they owned.

Matt Greer and a small staff are doing the methodical digging. They record the location of every artifact, whether it is a piece of pottery or an old nail. Matt is a doctoral candidate at Syracuse University. 

The youngsters we see here were visiting the site and asking intelligent questions. 

I missed the site tour that was given in late June because of our travel schedule. I have an interest in historic archaeology because I volunteered for many years with a program in Alexandria, Virginia.

Here's a picture I took by Belle Grove Road. Over the years I have posted many photos of Belle Grove.


  1. A great work and lovely photos. Greetings!

  2. I think it's wonderful that this work is being done to learn more about the lives of slaves during the pre-Civil War period.

  3. Fascinating work. You never know what might be discovered.

  4. Hard but rewarding work. Never know what you will find.


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