May 10, 2024

Cyclist in Monochrome

Herndon, VA

Knowing that I was going to have cataract surgery on May 3rd, I drove to Northern Virginia in late April to stock up on grocery items that I can’t find around here. Herndon has two natural food stores, and if they are out of something I want, I can stop at Whole Foods or Wegman's before heading home. 

I took a snapshot of a young man riding a bicycle on the W&OD bike path in case I needed it for the theme day on May 1. As it turned out, I easily found the old photos that I wanted to use

By the way, I’m glad that I don’t have to drive that far right now because the vision in my life die is still a little bit blurry from the surgery. It is also very sensitive to light. 


  1. Always nice to photograph cyclists.

  2. Good photo. I hope your eye recovers quickly!

  3. I am sure your eyes will improve day by day.

  4. Your photo Linda is very beautiful, it looks current but also old, so ok!
    Be well and have a beautiful week!

  5. Nice shot! I hope the blurry vision goes away soon.

  6. Now I know you have had cataract surgery. Speedy healing! I like Whole Foods and Wegmans, though Wegmans is closer and we don't get to the other too often.


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