December 6, 2023

Sunday on the Eagle’s Edge Trail

Seven Bends State Park

It was late afternoon by the time we reached the state park because I had done various things around the house and then taken a load of cardboard and stuff to the recycling center. The sky was already getting dark at 4:30, but I wanted to take Charlie for a little adventure where he could sniff the tracks of animals. He loves doing that. 

My plan was to head out to the Eagle’s Edge Trail and circle back through the picnic area. As we headed toward the swinging bridge, I saw a huge bird flying along the river. It landed in a tree, but I could not make out what it was. I was hoping to see an eagle, but it’s silhouette in flight indicated it might be a heron. 

We stepped out on the bridge, and I looked into the trees. I took a few pictures, which is not easy while holding a nervous dog on a leash. I certainly didn’t want to drop my phone into the river.

I still couldn’t tell what the bird was. Great blue herons do stay in Virginia during winter as long as the body of water does not freeze over. 

We did not cross the bridge. I wanted to get back to the car before dark. 

Here’s what the eastern sky looked like at 5 o’clock. A layer of mist was gathering near the ground. 

P.S. In early September, I was present when a bald eagle was released near this spot.


  1. Hello,
    I love the first view of the river, it would be a great painting. Your large bird could have been an eagle.
    Love the sky image. Take care, have a great day!

  2. Bald Eagles have become quite common in our area, yet remain a wonderful sighting. Keep on looking!

  3. Lots of things for Charles to explore.

  4. Did Charlie scent any animals while you were juggling phone and his leash and keeping an eye out for the bird? The skies were beautiful, which offsets the grey of the woods.

    1. He was sniffing everything. I’m sure he gathered a lot of data on the animals that had passed through.

  5. You took great photos! I understand your concern about dropping your phone. I have a short lanyard that fits around my wrist which is attached to the case on my phone. It's saved it several times since I have been using it. It comes with two straps and I use the shorter one which you can see here if you want to take a look.

    1. Thanks. I actually have one, but I did not have it with me.


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