December 5, 2023

Court Manor, or Mooreland Hall

This Greek Revival style mansion dates to about 1797. It is located along the Valley Pike, US Route 11, between New Market and Mauzy. 

Tuesday Treasures 

The house was built by Reuben Moore, Jr., on the site of a log cabin that was built by his father. The family’s estate encompassed 1700 acres and included a mill on Smith Creek. Bricks for the house were made on the property by enslaved workers.

Court Manor has gone through changes over the years and was restored in the 1980s. It is now a wedding and event venue.


  1. Quite an impressive structure. Quite a jump from a small log cabin.

  2. Looks beautiful, a lovely spot for the weddings. Take care, have a great day!

  3.'s gorgeous and US Route continues through NYS and up to Canada.

  4. what a pretty mansion and a lovely picture!!

  5. That's a lot of bricks, and sweat and tears to make them!


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