June 20, 2023

Sunday with my Girls

Since we had a three day weekend, Marie was able to come for a quick visit. Lynn drove down on Sunday and we went for a picnic in the state park.


We also went for a ride to the Strasburg area. We stopped in Maurertown to see Clark Kent. 


It’s always a delight to visit with my daughters. Also, Marie took over the dog walking duties for a day, which gave me a break.


  1. Hello,
    Great shot of you and your girls. The picnic sounds nice. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. Charlie was no doubt appropriately pampered.

  3. ...looks like a great day together.

  4. Great smiling ladies all! Pretty scenes, and hi to Clark Kent!

  5. Nice smiles bring more smiles. Wonderful photo!

  6. Charlie approves of the company. And of course Mr. Kent is going to draw Marie's attention.

  7. i love the 3 of you together ...that is a sweet shot ...love it when folks get all together and have a great time socializing ...great times!! thank you for your visit. we are getting a nice rain ...plants love it. take care. hugs!! ( ;

  8. That looks a great day together.

    All the best Jan


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