June 19, 2023

Inside a Mall

A week ago I showed some murals from the Manassas Mall. I mentioned there were a couple more, so here they are.

These are part of the Murals@Mason project, Mason being George Mason University. Here we see that the town of Manassas was established in 1853.

Next to it is a long mural with a music theme. I had to use the Pan function on my phone to get it all in.

Across from these murals is a shop that looks like everything is splattered with paint. It is, because it offers craft activities and one of them is a style of painting that I don’t quite understand, except that it is pretty messy.

I got the impression that games and activities are keeping this mall alive. I stopped shopping in malls years ago because I realized that they mainly catered to teenagers. 
Mosaic Monday / Murals


  1. Both murals are lovely. I wonder if people actually have fun just by splattering paint all over the walls and floor? Not my kind of paint activity, lol. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  2. ...it has been years since I've been to a mall.

  3. Quite a creative use of the space.

  4. I visited the Apple Store in the mall recently to buy a new iPad, and that was the first time I had been in a mall in years, well before COVID in fact. If it never happens again it will be too soon!

  5. I agree, but considered walking around a nearby mall when we had smoke all last week, but then I got sick so didn't walk at all! Jackson Pollack style painting is fun to do...and obviously they'll take home a very small item, though apparently the artists get to spray paint around a bit more.

  6. The murals really catch your eye! I love them!

  7. Everyone in that paint room is trying to be the next Jackson Pollack. It looks like fun.

    Out of all the icons in that first mural, what initially caught my eye was Read More Books. I bet DeSatan would be upset if it was on a wall in FL. Both are stunning murals. I really LOVE the musical one, but there is SO much to see in the first one.


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