May 14, 2023

A View of Motherhood

This scene at Cullers Overlook illustrates a fact about motherhood: a child will demand your attention when you are busy doing something else. This mom has a nice camera and is taking a beautiful picture, but her a little one is clamoring for attention. I forget whether this was before or after he pulled a telephoto lens out of her bag and tried to play with it.

Here’s the scene she was focusing on, a view of the South Fork at Shenandoah River State Park. 

Shadow Shot Sunday

Today was Mother’s Day, and I did hear from both of my daughters and also from a stepdaughter, Allison. Lynn was able to come visit and she particularly wanted to watch Charlie run at the dog park. He was happy to oblige. I forgot to take any photos, so here is a picture of her from late summer.


  1. A belated Happy Mother’s Day Linda. Lovely to hear from your girls, with a visit from Lynn. All your photos kept to the special day.

  2. ...I'm glad that you had a good Mother's Day.

  3. I bet the child got her attention when they he grabbed the telephoto lens!

  4. A warm looking family photo

  5. That first photo looks very familiar! I'm sure it happened to me back when my kids were little. Glad you got to talk to your daughters on mothers day.

  6. Wonderful example of motherhood. Someone said people need to focus on one thing at a time. I countered (to my son on the phone) that mothers are always multi-tasking; kids safety and demands, food on a stove, chopping veggies with sharp knife, phone ringing, and probably her hair is falling in her eyes! Been there, done that! I did thank my sons for helping me become a mother.


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