May 15, 2023

The New Broadway Mural

Broadway is a small town in Rockingham County, Virginia. Incorporated in 1880, it it situated along the North Fork of the Shenandoah in an agricultural area.

Monday Murals / Blue Monday

I read that there was a new mural in Broadway, and set out to find it. I passed it without seeing it the first time, but if you are coming from the direction of Harrisonburg, you can't miss it.

It is on Broadway Avenue across from the town hall.


  1. I've always loved that postcard style mural. I take it they have lots of cardinals there. This was fun and gave me an idea of what the artist thought was important in Broadway,

  2. ...neat mural, it's a photo op.

  3. Beautiful mural. What a fun name for an agricultural town!

  4. I also like the postcard style murals, and they can really showcase the best features of the town. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  5. I like it! Roanoke has one but they cheated, it’s not really a mural…it’s more like a banner…disappointing.


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