March 3, 2023

Near Little Washington

Last weekend I drove to the village of Washington in Rappahannock County. Oh, first I took Charlie for a run in a dog park so that he would be calm during the ride. After he burns off extra energy, he relaxes and often naps. 

The Rappahannock County Library has a large classical-style building plus a book barn for used book sales. It also has a nice view of farms and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Don't be fooled by the rural appearance of Rappahannock County. A lot of wealthy people live there.

I happened to see the new post office. Although it lacks the charm of the old one that was in the town of Washington, it is larger and more modern. 


  1. It is a lovely area as shown by your photos. I went to the village of Washington years ago. I would love to check out that book store. Clever idea to tire Charlie out at the dog park before his ride.

  2. you live in such a wonderful area full of beauty

  3. I loved that library, and what a big place for selling used books. Beautiful countryside, as always.

  4. A library and a book barn - I love it already!


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