March 2, 2023

A Small Fracture, Small Dog, Big Sky, Winding River

Last weekend, I stubbed a middle toe and it got bruised and sore. Well, actually, three toes were badly bruised. The swelling went down, but it was still painful so I saw a doctor on Tuesday and got it x-rayed. It turns out there was a fracture that extended into the joint, so now I have an appointment for early next week to have an orthopedist look at it. In the meantime, I am supposed to wear hard-soled shoes and stabilize the toe by strapping it to the one next to it. I’m trying to rest my feet a little more, but I find I am walking almost as much as before because there are things that must get done, including caring for the dog. He does go to doggy daycare twice a week so that I can go to physical therapy and other appointments.

Yesterday was not a daycare day, so while normally I would have taken Charlie to the dog park, I didn’t want to be on my feet too much. Instead, we went to the state park and took a short walk. I tried to take a selfie of us using the timer on my phone, but as you can see, Charlie was busy sniffing the ground. 

I have heard that beagles actually use up energy when they explore by sniffing. I sat down at a picnic table and let him sniff around some more. He also enjoyed jumping up on the bench and onto the table.

I stopped the car on Lupton Road to take a picture of forsythia blooming, but the sun was shining on my lens. It made interesting effects.

I am still playing with AI image generators. Some of the results are awful, but I’ve gotten some nice images representing our Shenandoah River. 


  1. Sorry about your poor toe. Sounds very painful! Great photos and those A1 pics are impressive. My husband has been using the A1 where he gets it to explain complex problems simply, and says write a short story about a subject as though a famous author and it does. It is a bit creepy to me as I wonder where all this is going, but can’t help but be in awe also.

  2. Hello,
    Love the images and selfie at the park. I hope your toe feels better soon. Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend!

  3. Ouch! That sounds really painful. Hope you regain painless mobility soon.

  4. Ouch! I've broken toes twice (same toe, on both foot) and I wish you a quick, uncomplicated recovery from the pain and mobility issues. I haven't played with AI yet but I have to admit, a couple of your AI pictures came out nice. Alana

  5. Sending healing virtual energies...maybe AI can do that too. Like a breath of fresh air, or a soothing sound.

  6. Sorry to hear about your toe. I'd like to play around with one of those image generators on of these days. I like your results!

  7. Sorry about your little accident. Hope your fracture heels soon.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  8. Sorry to hear about your toe. Great job playing around with the photos, I love your results.


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