November 13, 2022

Over the Mountain Art and Scenery

Studio tours are always special because they combine Open Doors tours with art. This weekend there were two separate tours northeast of here, and they were close together although one was in West Virginia and the other was in Virginia. It still seems odd to me that part of West Virginia is northeast of where I live in Virginia, but it is an odd-shaped state, carved out of Virginia during the Civil War. Most of West Virginia is west of here, but not Jefferson County.

The Over the Mountain Studio Tour takes place there. I didn't venture into the western part of Jefferson County this time because I got a late start (as I often do) and decided to stick to Charles Town and Harpers Ferry. The studio near Harpers Ferry was near the small town of Bakerton, which I had never seen before. The road was interesting and the scenery was great. There were dozens of deer grazing near the road so I had to drive cautiously. 

The Methodist Church in Bakerton is interesting architecturally.

I purchased a small collage at a group show at Cool Spring Nature Preserve near Charles Town. The artist is Linda Case, founder of Craftworks and the nature preserve around it. I posted pictures of Craftworks back in November 2015.

I invited Frank to go with me because he likes art tours and is willing to help supervise my dog. Charlie is still suffering from separation anxiety so I can’t leave him alone for more than a few minutes.

Yesterday I attended the West Virginia tour and today I drove to Lovettsville for the Catoctin Holiday Art Tour. I’ve done that tour before also but there’s always something new. Again, the scenery is beautiful.



  1. Beautiful collection of photos. I enjoyed the scenery and views. The photo of you and the wings is awesome. Take care, have a great new week!

  2. certainly have a beautiful area to enjoy.

  3. I love your picture you purchased, and what can I say, you in your leather jacket with wings...smiling away...that's the winner!

  4. Peace and beauty are what I usually associate with Virginia — but I just spent many hours tensely following the active shooter situation in Charlottesville, where my 2 granddaughters go to school. What a nightmare, and how glad I am (along with everyone) that it’s finished.

    best… mae at

    1. You asked if I would be seeing my granddaughters for Thanksgiving... not this year, but we just saw them in October! Thanks, I'm glad they are safe after the terrible ordeal the campus went through today.

  5. Love the first photo - beautiful country view.

  6. Wonderful photos - especially The Hand in no#2.


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