November 12, 2022

Dog Park Update from Charlie

Hi, it's Charlie with some pictures from the dog park. It's the best place to go, and whenever we get in the car, I hope Mom is taking us there.

Here I am with some friends. When another dog approaches the park, we look out the fence to see who they are and maybe say hello.

I will show you some of my friends now.

The beagle on the bench is not me. His name is Rip and he is younger than me. Do you see the dog behind him? That’s my friend Foxy. Sometimes she plays a little rough but that is okay because I can run faster than she can. 

The odd picture is something my mom put here. I think I look better than this and I am not orange. 


  1. All so cute!! #Saturdaycritters (I really like the last shot - it looks like an art work!)

  2. Hello,
    The dog park sounds fun, Charlie has a lot of friends to play with. Cute doggies and photos. Charlie is adorable. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a wonderful day and great new week! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  3. ...does Charlie ever smile?

    1. Yes, he just wants to be taken seriously as a writer.

  4. We hope you had a great time with your friends in the dog park, Charlie!

  5. I liked first and last shots best! Have a good rest after playing hard with your friends!

  6. Very cute. Charlie's skeptical expression is quite a sight to see.

  7. Hi, Charlie! Those dog parks are such fun! So many smells there, and friends to run with. I think your art is so lovely. <3

  8. HI Charlie You seem to have a lot of friends when you are at these parks which is wonderful. You are right, your Mum needs to take a better image of you WITHOUT all that orange!!! Have a great fun week ahead

  9. What a lovely post Charlie; great photographs :)

    All the best Jan


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