November 11, 2022

An Afternoon in Fort Valley

These pictures are from almost two weeks ago, when fall color was at a high point. Many of the leaves have fallen since then.

The annual Fort Valley Arts and Crafts Show is always interesting, and the area is beautiful. I bought some paintings from artist Billy Smelser. He made sure they were signed.

I made a circuit drive by entering the valley through Edinburg Gap and exiting near the fish hatchery. I drove past Shenandoah River Lakes where we used to live. Someone is building a house on the lakefront lot that we sold several years ago. The lake looked pretty. Sometimes I miss the views that we had there.


  1. ...the last one is my favorite.

  2. I like the black n´ white photo. Great contrast, nice composition. Great shot!

  3. I'm sure you miss those beautiful views, but the memories will always be with you.
    So much to see in your black and white photo!

  4. Any time there is a picture of a lake with trees reflected in it, it takes first prize. Good for you for supporting local artists.

  5. Pretty scenery and views. The last one is lovely.
    Have a happy weekend.

  6. Now I want to see the paintings you bought.

  7. Loved your lake reflection. I love craft fairs, and fall is a perfect time for them. Alana

  8. ... that last photograph is beautiful.

    All the best Jan


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