November 19, 2022

Cows and a Naughty Dog

It's Saturday and I usually post some animal pictures. Lately Charlie has done some of the posts but I'm not letting him do that today because I'm mad at him. So here are some cows.

You may be wondering why I am upset with Charlie. Well, he has been chewing up my new car!

I was taking him to the dog park and he was in the backseat, secured by a steelcore doggy seatbelt, inside the dog seat that he has chewed up over a period of weeks. I heard him chewing on something that did not sound like one of the dog bones or toys back there. I told him no but I could not pull over right away. When I did, I could see that he had chewed on the console! Yikes.

I scolded him and he did look sorry. We went to the dog park and he ran around rather frantically. We didn't stay very long because it was really cold. He napped on the way home, thank goodness.

If he were a normal dog, he could ride inside a travel crate, but Charlie is terrified of crates. At home, I have been trying to get him to go inside the crate that Flash used to sleep in. For two months I've put his toys in it several times a day and he fetches them out as long as they are not too far inside. His lion is too deep inside and he will not go that far to get it. On the advice of a trainer, I've been feeding him by putting his bowl inside the crate, but not too far or he won't eat. Maybe someday…


  1. Oh please give Charlie a hug for me. He remind me of my sweet girl Tuiren.

  2. A sweet looking dog but it looks like Charlie has the upper hand at the moment. He needs a bit more training. Good luck with that,

  3. Hello,
    Love the cows. Charlie is adorable, I love his sweet eyes. Dog training can take awhile, I am sorry your car was damaged from Charlie chewing. Maybe he needs to wear a muzzle in the car. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

    1. I tried to get the muzzle on him but he would not let me fasten it. We have done some muzzle training (ie, bribery) but not enough apparently.

  4. Charlies is becoming an expensive dog!

  5. ...I wouldn't put up with a chewing dog!

  6. Charlie is such a sweet woofie, We are sure you must have forgiven him by now.

  7. i wish he could tell us why he doesn't like the crate, wonder why? sorry about your seat. ( ;

  8. Having a dog with a traumatized past means you have taken on all his anxieties from his first years' suffering. What a job! So sorry to hear about your car!

  9. Sorry to read about your car. Our dog who had a rough start in life, dug so far into the roots of our ornamental pear trees, one morning we came out to find they had toppled over, not at the same time. They were new trees and the roots hadn’t had the time to go too deep. After she had been with us for a while she calmed down and was our treasure for the next 15 years. Those photos of the cows are cute but Charlie’s guilty look is priceless.

  10. So sorry about your car, but Charlie is just so cute.
    Good luck with his training.

    All the best Jan


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