November 20, 2022

Sunday Refection and Shadows

Here we see the Woodstock Presbyterian Church, which I have shown before in 2016. Next to it is another building which I believe they use as a community center.

I had a late start today because my left leg was hurting, possibly due to a reaction to medication. This has happened to me before.

I drove Charlie to the dog park. I let him ride in the front seat this time, in his new dog booster seat and attached to a doggy seat belt. My hope is to decrease his anxiety about riding in the car. He was still anxious and chewed on the new dog seat instead of the chew bone I gave him. 

He played hard in the park, running and jumping with a couple of other dogs. After a while he got out of his winter jacket somehow. I figured by that time he was probably warmed up from the exercise so it didn’t bother him that the temperature was very cold. He rested on the way home.

Zenny is visiting with his traveling parents.



  1. ...I hope that you had a good day,

  2. Hello
    Love the photos of Charlies and Zenny. I hope your legs feels better. Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy new week!

  3. I hope your leg gets better soon. I also have some hurts that I will talk my doctors about in December. We've been gone most of November, London and Transatlantic cruises and only used my smart phone for blogging. It won't leave comments on some not accepting anonymous.


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