September 15, 2022

I went to a meeting and I got a shirt.

This afternoon I went to the monthly meeting of the Friends Of Seven Bends State Park Committee. Ranger Tom surprised me with a polo shirt given in recognition for volunteering at least 50 hours this year.

We also conducted our usual old and new business, including planning for an upcoming event. This particular meeting was held at Woodstock Gardens, formally known as Fort Valley Nursery.

Our group's mission is "to support and advocate for the educational and recreational use of the park for all."  I’ll show you a few photos from the park.


  1. Well deserved polo shirt Linda, applauding here on your 50 hours of volunteer work. Enjoyed all your photos also. Happy weekend!

  2. Is that fly fishing? The sign of Love is quite a nice way to finish the post. Great shots

  3. Congrats and kudos for volunteering. The park is beautiful. Have a great day and a happy weekend.

  4. Volunteers are among the world's best people and any recognition has been earned by your service. I hope you will post a picture wearing the shirt.

  5. Good for you, well deserved. 50+ hours of have done more than take photos, I dare say!

  6. Congratulations. Volunteers are the life blood of many organizations - you earned that shirt! Wear it with pride. Enjoyed your pictures, too. Alana


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