September 14, 2022

Return to Burke Lake

An allergy follow-up appointment that I had put off in order to go to Pittsburgh was scheduled for last Friday. I didn't want to leave Charlie by himself so early in his adoption, and Frank was kind enough to come along and sit with him while I went into the doctor's office. I had a stressful drive there due to heavy traffic, and after the appointment we went to Burke Lake to de-stress.

Charlie enjoyed sitting on a bench and looking at people walking by and geese down by the water.

There were ducks too. I saw a great blue heron across the cove but my cell phone did not get him in focus. I had not brought my real camera because I was mainly planning to see the doctor and go food shopping.


  1. Hello,
    Beautiful views of the lake, Charlie is adorable.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. Sounds like a great spot to de-stress - for you and Charlie.

  3. Hello to Charlie!
    Love the last photo, so peaceful!

  4. Charlie is adorable. I've been doing research on getting a puppy. I SO want to but I've hesitated since I don't have a fenced yard for a dog to play in. I sure love Charlie though!

  5. Yay me, I found the heron...kind of like a puzzle photo! Charlie does look so sweet, and I hope he's settling into living with you!

  6. Yes, it looks a nice place to de-stress.

    All the best Jan

  7. Before views of the lake. Glad Charlie enjoyed it too.

  8. We all need to de-stress sometimes.


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