June 23, 2022

Brother Against Brother

Front Royal, Virginia

"The First Maryland Regiment, U.S.A., was part of the force holding this town when it was attacked by Stonewall Jackson, May 23, 1862. With Jackson was the First Maryland Regiment, C.S.A. The two regiments were arrayed against each other."

Near that sign is a plaque summarizing the Battle of Front Royal.
"May 23, 862, General Jackson surprised General Banks’ forces in and around Front Royal, capturing many prisoners and army supplies and forcing Banks to flee in disorder out of the Shenandoah Valley into Maryland. This was the first move in Jackson’s celebrated ‘Valley Campaign’."

I've shared posts on the Battle of Front Royal before, including a reenactment

I was in that town on a couple of errands, including signing some papers in a business that displayed a cute doll house.    



  1. ...Brother Against Brother, things haven't changed much. Gas is another matter!

  2. Thinking of the Civil War is very painful now, as the unity of the country and the strength of democracy is again being challenged and endangered by disloyal followers of a power-hungry demagogue, and racism is again rearing its ugly head. Nice photos of the monuments.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. How sad that war was. I wonder if the doll house is to amuse children when parents come to do business. My post today also has a site of Civil War activities on a plaque.

  4. Brother against brother sounds familiar with families, issues about voting, vaccines, gun control.

  5. You wonder what Stonewall would think of mechanized transport.

    1. He was the first to transport troops by railroad during the American Civil War!

  6. A very nice series of photos. I remember the old phrase, "There stands Jackson, like a stone wall." We live very near the Manassas Battlefield and visit his statue where he sits on his horse.


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