March 27, 2022

Inspired Sunday, New Market

First we'll view the Valley Central Church and then we'll go into town and look at the new mural that replaced the one on the barbecue carry-out which is no longer in that location.

Shadow Shot / Inspired Sunday

The denomination is United Church of Christ. The church is situated on a hill overlooking the Valley Pike. On the grounds are a picnic area and three tall crosses.  

In downtown New Market, I noticed this mural with on a fence. A long section is painted to represent an American flag with a blue stripe, which honors law enforcement. You may have seen other color variations  representing different branches of the military or first responders.  
Monday Murals

Facing the street is a panel reminding us that "God blesses those who work for peace." 


  1. I had never seen an American flag with a different colour stripe for the different branches of the military. Nice mural find Linda and I like the panel with the bible passage. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  2. Murals are always being replaced or repainted - I think this makes the whole hobby of looking at them more entertaining. You always find good ones!

    best... mae at

  3. looks like a southern church to me.

  4. A nice colonial looking church! The flag is definitely an improvement (IMHO) from the sky at the barbecue place.

  5. Great mural and I love the scripture verse. Very timely.

  6. Good shots, Linda. The church looks simple.

  7. What a beautiful, simple church. That mural is lovely. I've not seen ones like that before, regardless of the color.

  8. That first shot makes me think: It's a long walk through shadows to get to the Light.


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