September 15, 2021


Hummingbird, Butterfly, and a Bird on a Wire.



  1. Surpreender a natureza é sempre apreciar um naco da sua beleza.
    Abraço amigo.
    Juvenal Nunes

  2. Enjoy the hummingbirds. They won't be around much longer. Wish them well on their long journey.

  3. Great capture of the hummer!
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. ...I like the upside down butterfly.

  5. Beautiful capture of all three winged critters!

  6. Hello Linda,
    Love the hummingbird capture. The poor butterfly has a damaged wing, I see them here too, especially after the storms we have been having, but they still manage to fly.Great capture! I wonder what kind of bird is on the wire!

  7. Shots from creatures always amaze me, thank you for sharing them with us, Dear Linda!
    Wishing you a wonderful remainder of your week
    Xx Daniela at ~ My little old world ~


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