September 16, 2021

Mid-September Signs

Shenandoah Valley

Today I had an appointment in Woodstock so afterwards I drove down to nearby Seven Bends State Park. It was still misty and wet from last night's rain.

There are a few signs that fall is coming but the grass is still  green. Flowers are blooming.

Yesterday I went to physical therapy in Strasburg. I found out that my appointment had been changed to two hours later so that gave me some time to kill. I was going to wash the car but the car wash machine was not functioning. 

I decided to visit a new gift shop. First I checked out a large sign left over from a recent event. This boy was also interested in the sign. 

I didn't find anything to buy in the shop although they had some cute signs.

I decided to get something cold to drink but several places were remodeling or having repairs made, so that took a while. But everything turned out okay. 

I have one more sign to show you. I took this earlier in the week. I don't have a dog at this time but I agree that they can provide emotional support.
Stay safe and do things you enjoy.


  1. People take selfies in the bathroom? Hmmm!

  2. I love the sign at the animal hospital. Animals make everything better.

  3. ...I will never understand the fascination with selfies.

  4. Interesting signs, lovely river, and sweet last of summer flowers! Everything seemed a bit topsy turvy for your day, but you just flowed along like the Shenendoah!

  5. I said, "Wow, I love that first photo!" Then I looked at the second one - another Wow!
    We have a dog and a cat, important members of the family!

  6. Beautiful blooms, I am glad you were able to visit park .Thanks for sharing with garden Affair.


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