September 14, 2021

The View from Remount Ridge

Front Royal, VA

First, a confession: I made up the name "Remount Ridge". The hill is part of the former Remount Depot and is now owned by the Smithsonian Institution.  

Also these pictures are several years old. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute held an open house and one of the features was a cavalry demonstration. The name Remount means to supply with a fresh horse, and the property served as military horse and mule center from 1911 through the first World War. Fortunately for horses, they were soon replaced on battlefields by motor vehicles. 

During World War II, the property became busy again as a dog training center and a prisoner of war camp. There is still a dog training facility across the road from the SCBI, as well as a 4-H camp. The SCBI studies and breeds rare animals, and their property is securely fenced and rarely open to the public. 

I believe I have seen these riders and their mounts at Civil War reenactments. Women, by the way, actually did serve as soldiers in the Civil War, disguised as men. 


  1. Terrific views. It's impossible to know how many women passed themselves off as men during that war to serve, but at least one of them was Canadian.

  2. Hello,
    Beautiful views of the mountain and I love the horses.
    The Smithsonian has a lovely property there. Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. ...a beautiful area with a rich history.

  4. Your area is beautiful; I hope I can return for a visit one day to explore more of your Civil War history. Alana

  5. The entire trail from south to north is gorgeous and made for us Minnesotans many happy vacation days


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