May 13, 2021

Some History of Camp Lupton

A week ago, I stopped by Seven Bends State Park and found a new sign that tells a bit about the park's history. It is on the Lupton Road side of the park near the former pony barn.

I took some close-up shots of the text on the sign. I typed a few excerpts for you, but first take a look at the machine I saw that rolls down the new gravel on a trail.

"Massanutten Military Academy acquired the land in 1930... The Academy farm included a farmhouse, multiple barns with outbuildings, a smoke house, and a well house. It not only provided provisions to Massanutten Military Academy, it also housed horses that the cadets used for riding lessons. The horse stables are the only remains of the original farm that is now a portion of Seven Bends State Park, but other remnants can still be spotted over the entire landscape."

"Observe the Seven Bends State Park's LOVE sign that is erected in the exact location of the original Funkhouser barn and is the perfect model to preserve and showcase the park's deep agricultural history. The LOVE sign stands over six feet tall and each letter weighs over 150lbs. It was constructed with salvaged timbers and beams from the 1800s era bank barn that was originally built by the Funkhousers. Notice the many hand crafted details of the original beams that are still intact hundreds
of years later."

On Sunday I returned to the park to help with an event at the LOVE sign. Hardly anyone showed up because it was windy and cold. Joan, who decorated the sign for Mother's Day, took my picture. I took a picture of the sign from an angle because I have plenty of pictures of this sign already.

Joan had brought some decals and other items with her. I rarely put stickers on my car but I liked the one below so much that it is on the rear window. 



  1. ...state parks are much used resources in this area. Thanks Linda for stopping by.

  2. I think members of congress should all pose by that Love sign and then begin to embrace its message.

  3. wonderful state park...and great to know the history. Cute photo with the banners blowing on LOVE sign. But I'm not sure about the ones where your portrait was taken.

  4. Interesting history. I really do like State Parks; when we traveled they were great sources of beauty, nature and history as you show so well about your State. No wonder you display that sticker proudly! It is too bad the weather was uncooperative for the event at the LOVE sign.

  5. well maintain park... love the colorful sign

    Happy weekend


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