January 28, 2021

Yesterday in Winchester

Sometimes when I'm in Winchester, I drive by this veterinary office just to see what sign they've posted.  This seems like good advice. I don't lie down in the snow anyway 'cause I'm too old for that. 

I posted some photos yesterday of the vaccination site at Shenandoah University. Here we see a depiction of the school's mascot, a hornet. It stands outside the athletic center where we went for the Covid vaccine. The vaccination stung but not as painfully as a hornet!

The process was well organized, a relief after the stressful sign-up process, which required racing through onine forms to secure an appointment before they were all taken. I tried every day for a week.

In three weeks we will get email messages telling when to get our second dose of the vaccine.

They gave me a sticker and a card showing when I got the shot. I was thankful and elated to get the vaccine.  I'm looking forward to feeling less threatened by the pandemic after the second dose, although we'll need to keep masking for a while. I should be able to see Lynn again in March! She is officially over Covid-19 and is isolating for a few more days. 

The final shot is a selfie I took while waiting 15 minutes after getting the shot. This is required to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction. As someone with allergies, I stationed us close to the table with a Medical Assistance sign.

My hair was terribly windblown so I cropped this image rather than retouching it. Okay, maybe I did modify it a little bit. Can you tell?

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  1. Is that Bernie over your left shoulder?

  2. ..."never make snow angels in a dog park" is GREAT! Thanks Linda for sharing a good laugh.

  3. I hope you gave Bernie a big hug! Glad you got your shot and the second one will be scheduled too. Must be a great sense of relief. As for the sign that starts your post, I will be sure to follow its instructions closely!

  4. Fun times, a bit lighter today to have had the first shot, I imagine. Thanks for bringing smiles here!

  5. Bernie seems to be everywhere at the moment :)
    Pleased you were able to get your first vaccination.

    I do like that sign, it made me smile.

    All the best Jan

  6. Que bom que já conseguiu sua primeira dose da vacina... eu ainda não. Passando para te desejar uma boa noite. Venha conhecer o meu blog! O link é:
    Beijinhos !

  7. Glad to see that Bernie was overseeing your safety at the vaccine site! I had Covid over Christmas and my Dr wants to me wait 3 months to take the vaccine, so I missed mine today! Wah! Stay healthy and thanks for linking up.

  8. I got my first shot on Tuesday. Looking forward to the second. I didn't document it as they asked that no photos be taken in the venue.

  9. Glad to see that Bernie is OK!! (And, you, too, of course!)

    It's so great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


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