January 29, 2021

What a Year 2021 Has Been... So far!

And we aren't even a full month into it.

There was political unrest and a riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, followed by arrests and ongoing investigations;
We prayed for a peaceful inauguration and got it, with a breath-taking recitation by our Youth Poet Laureate;
and two brands of Covid vaccine were being distributed but were hard to get.

Meanwhile we continued to avoid other people like the plague because we didn't know who had it. 

My daughter Lynn finally recovered from it and tested negative. Frank and I got the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday and will get the booster dose on February 16th. 

We stay home a lot. Frank watches TV and I read, write reviews, blog, and feed the birds. Several times a week I seek out the peace of nature. 

Skywatch: A View from Shenandoah National Park.

It's Willy Nilly Friday so I have an excuse to change topics in order to show a variety of photos. This Black and White shot features my swan-style gravy boat surrounded by a piece of quartz and an antique horse head that probably decorated a cane. 

It Looks Like Valentines Day is Coming.
Friday Bliss / Weekend Reflections and Street Photography: Woodstock, VA.

  Coming theme for February 1: The City Daily Photo theme day topic will be Smiles. I rarely see any smiles outside my home because everyone with any sense is wearing a mask. I don't know how Frank feels about posing because he is undergoing dental work, so I haven't decided what to show. I may go back into my archives. These are from 2018.
Frank, Peggy, Lynn, SU Field Trip Leaders. 


  1. I am glad your daughter is well again. My days are very similar to yours Linda. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Yes, in these days of mask-wearing big smiles are hard to come by - at least ones that you can see.

  3. ...beautiful sky and Valentine's Day sure is coming up quickly. All Smiles are different. Thanks Linda for sharing, take care.

  4. We've doubled down on our isolation. We don't want to get sick at this point!! Our goofy legislature in Oklahoma doesn't require masks of themselves.

  5. I'm glad your daughter has recovered and so glad to hear you've had your first dose of the vaccine. We will be remaining in self quarantine until we are able to get ours.

  6. Pretty scene! Love the unique gravy boat!
    Valentines Day stuff was in the stores here the day after Christmas, and I am already tired of seeing it.
    Maybe you can find a smiley face mask for theme day - that would be cute.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. I love the gravy boat! How creative! I've been outside walking most days...but there aren't that many critters to be seen.

  8. So glad your daughter is recovering! One of my sons is unwell - his lady works in a pharmacy, where so many go when they feel unwell. She still has a horrible cough.
    I love your gravy boat!

  9. Good news that your daughter has recovered. Also very good news that you and Frank received your vaccine shots. Best wishes

  10. "Avoiding people like the plague" has new, very realistic meaning to all of us! Your skywatch shot is a beauty.

  11. I agree, what a start to the year! I enjoyed the Inauguration and breathed a sigh of a relief when it went smoothly. I was so impressed by our young Poet Laureate and took every line of her poem to heart. I am happy that Lynn is over this. Must have been such a relief. Another lovely series of photos to make us all smile out here. Thank you Linda :)

  12. Good that you have had your vaccination. We are still waiting to hear.

  13. Beautiful shot. It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2021/01/garden-affair-birds-attracting-plants.html


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