January 27, 2021

Birds on the Ground.

It looks like we have a second black duck in the neighborhood. Now the one that's been hanging out with the geese has a friend his own size. I don't know if this is a potential mate or a long-last sibling.

I'm glad he has a duck friend. The geese tolerated him but sometimes the guard goose (in the middle) was mean to him.

Other birds tolerate each other, at least while there's enough food around. 

Everyone likes seeing Northern Cardinals. The male is scarlet red, and the female is decorative in her own way. 



  1. Those ducks look like domestic type Muscovy Ducks.

    1. Yes, I believe they are escapees from a farm, like the domestic geese in our neighborhood. We had a large family of muscovy ducks at one time but more of them disappeared. Perhaps they are not as good at escaping predators as the wild ducks are.

  2. Perhaps has now the black duck may receive a partner.It's the Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) and yes the Northern Cardinals birds is my favorite here again.

  3. the cardinals are just gorgeous, pretty colors!!

    good for mr. black duck that he has a friend now, they look a bit like our muscovy ducks!

  4. I hope the blacks pair up...even though Mr. goose (or bigger duck) doesn't feel friendly towards them.

  5. That is a beautiful female cardinal. So many kinds of ducks!

  6. Nice group of birds. It's nice that there is another black duck. Yes geese can be quite nasty at times.

  7. Great pictures Linda, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  8. weird looking ducks and geese. :) Cool!


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