September 11, 2020

About Today.

The date September 11 has a strong meaning for most of us over the age of thirty. We remember the collapse of the World Trade Center skyscrapers and the shock of realizing the USA was under attack. And we remember where we were when we found out.

Frank and I were in the car on our way to Basye to meet a home inspector when we heard it on the radio. We were purchasing a chalet in the mountains as a vacation home. A few years later it became our full-time home for a while, until we sold it and moved into a larger house. 

I remember feeling grateful that my younger daughter was traveling in Africa because normally she would have been working in New York City. My family was safe, but the shocks of 911 just kept coming that day and then over the days following. Even years later, first responders are suffering from long-term health effects from the heroic work they did in the aftermath. 

The first two pictures are of the chalet. It turned out to be a lovely place to live, although eventually we wanted fewer stairs, more space, and an easier access road. As we get older, we need to be closer to health care too.

The black and white picture is a selfie from this morning. I was feeling sad and worried because it was not only the anniversary of the 911 attacks, it is also six months into a pandemic that keeps us from socializing freely. So many things that I enjoy are risky now, including little things that used to cheer me up, like eating in a restaurant or going to the library. 

This afternoon I shook off my malaise enough to go out and take a few pictures and go to the store. Here we see the post office in Toms Brook. The flag is at half mast to honor the victims of 911. 

Not far from there I paused to photograph some yellow flowers, as well as the farm scene in the next picture. The sky was fairly clear by that time, with a single cloud over the Massanutten Range.

Weekend Reflection.

The last picture is a combination shadow and reflection at Tumbling Run. By the time I took this sort-of selfie, I was feeling better from being outdoors in the sunshine. 

We are fortunate here to have clear skies, unlike in California and Oregon where wild fires are burning countless acres. I worry about the people and animals there. I worry about the damage that humans have done to the environment and how much more damage will result from the fire and smoke. 

Oh dear, I may slip back into a sad mood. Okay, forget I mentioned the bad stuff. I hope you have a safe and pleasant weekend.


  1. Nice collection of photo's, indeed very moody but appropiated for the time of the year and the chalet looks fine.

  2. It is a hard day. That doesn't change.

  3. Hello
    Sept 11, will be a day I always remember. It is stuck in my head. The chalet looks very pretty. I love the flowers and the farm. Great selfie and shadow shots. Take care, enjoy your day. Happy weekend!

  4. ...911 changed things and we can never go back. Thanks Linda for stopping by, take care.

  5. The chalet looks so lovely, and I love the yellow flowers too. We will never forget 911.

  6. Beautiful photos. Yes there is always a balance of the bad and the good, but the forces for good have continued to out-weigh those of evil. We wouldn't be here if that weren't true. Yes, focus on that. And stay safe.

  7. I love your photos, and the sunny scenes cheer me up, too. I know there is a lot of bad in the world, but there is so much good as well. I've found so many caring people during this pandemic that it makes me so much more optimistic about the future.

  8. Wish I could find more to be optimistic about these days, but it's hard. I appreciate this post and your open, honest thoughts and views.

  9. The yellow flowers and blue sky are so cheerful. You are in a lot of good company with your feelings; not alone. We will all keep on plugging away; it's all we can do. Alana

  10. The chalet looks like it was in a beautiful spot Linda, I can see why you might have been sad to sell it. I think people everywhere will remember where they were on the day the towers were attacked, it was horrific. Hopefully after your elections the world will be a happier place 😉

  11. Hello Linda,

    I remember so well 911. I was working in the very centre of Helsinki when the news reached me. My boss & her husband were travelling somewhere in the US at the moment, but we did not know their exact location. We were so schocked and worried. At home I watched the CNN and saw the towers collapsing again and again.

    I am sorry for commenting this late, but have been very exhausted due to my renovation project. Wishing a lovely new week.

  12. Nice shadowy reflection! Sadly the sky is hazy here in California. Hopefully the fires will be gone soon.

  13. Beautiful Flowers.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at

  14. i think we will all remember the events of that day, unfolding before our eyes!! what i like to remember is the day after 9/11 and how we all came together as a nation!! it was so wonderful to see!!

  15. I was driving back to Tulsa from a convention when I heard first that that an airliner had run into one of the Towers in perfect weather, by the time I got to a McDonalds to look at a television the other tower had been hit and the Pentagon was attacked. What a shock that was.


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