September 10, 2020

A Glimpse at Leopold's Preserve

Some friends posted pictures of their nature walk at Leopold's Preserve so I looked it up. Although it is not close to home, it is near the Wegman's Supermarket where I shop about once every two months. So I checked it out one afternoon. There's a small sign along Route 15 near Haymarket.
Named for the famous conservationist, Aldo Leopold, Leopold's Preserve consists of 380 acres of natural open space, preserved through a conservation easement and open to the public for passive recreation. 
I studied the posted trail maps and decided to take a short walk to the site of a school.

The Antioch-McCrae African American School 

The Antioch-McCrae School was a one story brick veneered cinder block school house located in the northwestern portion of the property. The two-room school was one of 21 Prince William Schools built for African American students. It was larger than other schools but it was remote. It opened in 1953 when several of the small colored schools in the Gainesville District were combined and continued as a colored schoolhouse until "freedom of choice" became the desegregation policy of Prince William County Schools in 1965.

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  1. Beautiful area. Thank goodness for Aldo Leopold.

  2. So glad you went to investigate, and shared some of the stories of the area. It's amazing a "colored schoolhouse" is now remembered, and probably some of the children who went there between 1953 and 65 still live in the vicinity.

  3. Hello,

    It looks like a nice preserve and a great place for a walk with nature. I am glad these pieces of land are being conserved. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  4. What a beautiful area, a wonderful place to visit and explore.

  5. A good thing that this area has been preserved.

  6. I loved reading Aldo Leopold's Sand Country Almanac. It was my introduction to the science of ecology. This looks like a beautiful place, so nicely preserved.


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