September 12, 2020

Nature Near Home.

North Fork of the Shenandoah.

This afternoon I sat on the deck with a protein bar that served as lunch. I had my camera in case a hummingbird showed up. I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye of a brown animal. I looked over, expecting to see a neighbor's dog. Oh, it's a small deer. No, two deer; oh, three deer!

They were browsing behind some trees so I waited for one to show his face. This was a lucky shot, a twofer. (Note the second face at the top.)

Only the smallest deer came out from behind the tree enough to get anything like a portrait. Then they all moved behind a fence. The little one paused on the other end of the fence but I had to stand up to get a picture of him. I got one photo of him looking at me before they all disappeared into the woods.

Canada Geese.

After the geese took off over the lake, one more took off after them. I don't know why he was tardy but I assume he caught up.

There was a single frame of the osprey on the SD card from my Nikon. The osprey pictures I shared the other day were all from my Sony camera. It doesn't have as strong a zoom lens but it focuses more easily.
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  1. Hello. What a wonderful collection of photos. Beautiful photos.
    Take care.

  2. Hello Linda,

    The deer are so cute, I love seeing them. Great shots of the Geese and Osprey in flight. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a very happy new week ahead!

  3. ...lots of wildlife near your home!

  4. How lovely your three visitors were Linda, so sweet they are 💙 super shot of the geese flying off, hope the tardy goose catches up 😉

  5. This post is much more upbeat than your previous one, about 9-11. I hope you do find comfort in nature, and happiness that it’s so close to your home. That type of comfort is all we can have these days, and like you, I’m also thinking of the victims of the terrible fires out west, and being grateful for a sunny autumn day.

    be safe ... mae at

  6. Loved the deer, and the geese, and even osprey! I hear geese flying south across my trees which are still full of green leaves. But catching a glimpse is enough to satisfy...yes the forces of nature also are beautiful, as well as terrible sometimes.

  7. Your photos all seem so peaceful. How exciting to have the deer visit you. Have a great new week!

  8. Beautiful nature near you. Great shots of the deer and geese. So wonderful to be able to capture them when they are looking straight at you.

  9. what a beautiful place, i love areas you can visit and see deer!! gorgeous captures!!!

  10. Very nice! Love the twofer especially ... the one deer is so cute looking at you between those limbs! What a great lunch hour you had!


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