July 10, 2020

West By-God Virginia

I don't know who first uttered the expression "West by-God Virginia," but it is often used by people from West Virginia to refer to their home state. Since that state is a short drive from where we live, we travel over the mountain to visit it fairly often.

Upper Lake at Cacapon State Park.
Weekend Reflections.
Former Train Station, Charles Town.
Black and White Weekend.
Construction Detour, Wardensville
Capon Springs.
This charming resort town was quiet this spring due to the pandemic, but they started reopening on June 28.

Here we have two pictures of a garden there and one of a bright red house.

Sharing with Friday Bliss and Floral Friday.


  1. Beautiful your pictures of the beautiful houses and the garden of this resort. The lake photo is wonderful in the park, a beautiful area.
    Great BW photo of this old train station!
    Beautiful weekend, Elke

  2. a loverly place. have a great weekend

  3. Hello,

    Beautiful views, I love the lake and pretty flowers. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  4. I'm glad that you have access to some beautiful areas. Even if you have to do a detour it's well organised. The lake scene looks very peaceful and there are some attractive buildings and pretty gardens.

  5. Beautiful photos! Fun to see the train station in the middle of nowhere :)

  6. I would love to see more of West Virginia. Your photos are telling a great story! My only real stop there was to explore the New River Gorge Bridge visitors center, and Harper's Ferry BOTH awesome!

  7. You know it is summer because when you try to drive somewhere there is construction detours. Lovely garden. Be safe.

  8. As usual, I enjoyed the diversity of your photos...I think the Happiness stick in the garden caught my fancy today!

  9. I've been to West Virginia only a handful of times, but remember a wonderful stay in Harpur's Ferry. I liked the Happiness Stick, too. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  10. Nice photos. I love that first shot--beautiful.

  11. ...Upper Lake is looks like a peaceful place.
    ...I love old train stations.
    ...there's no need for a flagman these days.
    ...I was in the "plant happiness" business for 50 years.
    ...red pops.
    Thanks Linda for stopping bby, enjoy your weekend.

  12. That's an area I would like to visit. I like the look of the old train station.

  13. Your first photograph is beautiful ...

    All the best Jan

  14. interesting. i have never heard that saying before?? i am curious. we love traveling to West VA. it has been a while ... but when traveling (camping) is good again we will have it in the works ( ;

  15. It looks like a lovely spot (by God!)..... I hope it was safe for them to reopen. Be careful out there!


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