July 9, 2020

A Brief Stop at Mt. Zion Church

Near Aldie, Virginia

I've stopped at this historic church a number of times over the years. Today I'm posting some pictures of the signs and fences there. These are from my files from three years ago, when I was recovering from foot surgery. I took these photos from the car; I apologize for the fence rail blocking part of the signs.

The sign on the left is titled Elders of the Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church. It was built in 1851 after "disagreement over doctrine caused a split in the Baptist faith." You can read details on the Historical Markers Database.

The sign on the right is titled Mt. Zion Historic Park:
Welcome to Mt. Zion Historic Park, a property of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. Built in 1851, this Old School Baptist Church was a place of worship, and also a critical site during the Civil War because of its location at the junction of two early roads and on high ground. The church building was used as a barracks, hospital, prison, and rendezvous point at various times from 1861-1865. The Battle of Mt. Zion, on July 6, 1864, brought Union forces up against Confederate partisan fighter John S. Mosby and his men. Graffiti on the interior walls of the church show names and regiments of soldiers that once were here. 
The congregation of the church worshipped here on the fourth Sunday of each month except for the years of the Civil War. The church continued to serve as a place of worship until 1980, when the congregation had dwindled to just a few individuals. Mt. Zion was restored in 2007-2008 and is open to the public for tours and special programs, and is a rental property.

Sharing with Signs 2 and Fences around the World.
"Mt. Zion Old School Baptist Church was founded in 1851. Just west of the church is a graveyard containing many 19th century grave markers. On July 6, 1864 nearby, Mosby's Rangers attacked and routed 150 Union cavalrymen. Over 100 Union soldiers were killed, wounded or captured. Mosby had eight men wounded, one mortally. The church is site of the annual Thomas family reunion founded 1934."
See also my 2013 post, A New Marker in Aldie.


  1. an interesting place. love from Europe

  2. Pretty church and fence scenes! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  3. ...it's interesting to see that this church looks similar to the church that I recently posted. Back then people were practical and build basic building. Thanks Linda for sharing, take care.

  4. Interesting how new churches used to (maybe still do) form over differences of opinions about faith (or maybe something else.)

    1. Yes. Quite a few split over the issue of slavery in the years leading up to the Civil War.

  5. The Church looks good nestled by the trees.

    All the best Jan


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