July 3, 2020

This and That, Early July.

1. He wonders "How can I eat this pie?"

2. Selfie in Black and White.

3. One of my prescriptions was recalled for NDMA. If you take Metformin ER, ask your pharmacist about it.

I'm concerned that I took this for two months before it was recalled. (I buy a 90 day supply at a time.) NDMA is a compound that sometimes occurs in cured meat and chlorinated water in small amounts, but is toxic at higher amounts. It is the same contaminant that triggered a recall of Zantac.

4. Friday Bliss: On a brighter note, here's a wildflower collage with butterfly and flag.

5. Skywatch: This house is decked out for Independence Day. If you are celebrating this weekend, please stay safe! And keep your pets safe too because they can be frightened by the sound of fireworks.


  1. Your wildflower collage is beautiful & bright.

    With a mask you get into awkward situations:DD Medicines can be dangerous. Years ago I took a pain killer that caused me a bleeding peptic ulcer. Later the medicine was withdrawn as it had still more serioous side effects. Hope you are ok.

  2. Beautiful these flowers and butterflies and your selfi, what a great piece of cake is going to be delicious and I hope you take care of yourself and your husband!
    Greetings Elke

  3. Be safe Linda! I love your selfie :)

  4. That is a giant piece of pie. Perhaps keeping the mask on is a good thing!!

  5. Hello, your flower images and mosaic are lovely. Pretty sky shot. Medicines and all their side effects can be scary. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  6. Mask down - it's that easy *lol
    Beautiful pictures, thanks for showing!

  7. That pie would be a challenge even without the mask!!
    I take the regular Metformin, not the ER (extended release), but thanks for the warning.
    Happy 4th of July!

  8. I was getting Zantac as a generic, and my Dr. swore it was ok...then the pharmacy stopped carrying it. So I've switched a couple more times to get something that goes with all my new drugs. I love pie!

  9. ...tough decision.
    ...no selfies of me.
    ...Metformin has been bad forever.
    ...beautiful butterfly attractors.
    ...have a great weekend and thanks for the visit.

  10. Great collection of photos. Love the house, and I hope it was figured out how to eat that pie!!
    Happy Independence Day!!

  11. That's piece of pie looks good! Cute selfie of you. :)

  12. Olá ! belo post. Quando você puder me visite.

  13. Joke going around about a person who just pours a bag of M&Ms into the mask and eats them “like a horse.” I guess that wouldn’t work with a meringue pie. Too bad.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  14. That pie looks good. Beautiful wildflower collage!

  15. I love the wildflower mosaic.

    Thanks for the link regarding the metformin.

    All the best Jan


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