July 4, 2020

Independence Day 2020

I didn't feel festive today. There were a few Independence Day events but I don't want to take a chance of finding myself in a crowd. We did take a ride and Frank got a dish of soft ice cream. Still, the long pandemic has me feeling rather deprived and irritable.

Here's a neighbor's fence decorated for the holiday. 

This afternoon I ate lunch on the deck but it was too hot to linger outdoors. I saw a robin through the rails.

The other evening I was closing the bedroom curtains and saw a flash of white fur outside. I rushed out onto the deck with a camera to get some pictures of a skunk.

It hurried away but I did get a few photos that weren't hopelessly dark. This is the closest to our house that I've seen a skunk. I hope he isn't living under our deck!

We can compare that beauty to a taxidermied skunk shown here with a raccoon.

That was in the nature center at Cacapon. Here are some other mounted animals in their exhibit.
Saturday's Critters / I'd Rather Be Birdin'
Back at home, I've only seen two hummingbirds so far this year.

The last image shows a flotilla of geese and ducks on our community lake. The Canada geese in the background are a visiting flock.

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  1. I have never seen most of the animals in this post - the closest I have got to any of them was racoon prints in the snow outs side a friends house.

    This pandemic is getting the better of me.

    Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Hello,
    A skunk, I hope it is not hanging around your place. I love the sweet hummer. Great capture of the flotilla of geese, they are cute. Thank you for linking up your post. Enjoy your day, have a great new week! PS, thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. ...I hope that you had a wonderful day.

  4. Great photo of the hummingbird. I guess these lively little birds are difficult to capture on a photo.

  5. I'm having internet issues on my phone, so I apologize if multiple comments show up.

    Thanks so much for allowing us birders to drop in and enjoy your photos from I'd Rather B Birdin'. Loved the robin thru the rails! I bought the same feeder at walmart.

  6. My hummers were here a while, and now less and less. I'm guessing they have flowers feeding them for now. I keep changing their nectar anyway.

  7. The pandemic is wearing on us all, I think. It was definitely a weird, subdued Fourth of July. Ours was nice but I missed the big family parties of the past. Cute hummingbird. Hope you'll get more. Hope you have a great new week!

  8. Muy bonitas las fotos,interesante tu blog,feliz día.

  9. I enjoyed seeing your selection here Linda, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  10. Skunks are remarkable critters. Just as long as you don't startle them.

  11. Great captures of the skunk. We had a quiet 4th of July here too.


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