June 20, 2020

Geese and Other Local Life

We have two trail cams and one is currently stationed next to our driveway. Mostly it takes boring pictures of everyday things, plus sometimes of the geese that visit our yard. 

Here they're having a bit of a kerfuffle.

This trail cam gets a lot of pictures of shadows and just us. Here's one where I taking a picture. (Like most of these, this picture is cropped to cut out some of the background.)

Every few days there are shots of delivery people, often moving with alacrity.

Look, a deer! The night shots are very grainy on this camera.

Here's the boy next door retrieving his toy plane. He's a fun kid!

My favorite picture of the batch is this one! Frank saw a pig in our yard but I missed it, so I was delighted to see that the trail cam caught this.

This young man from a nearby farm asked Frank if he could go through our yard to look for his pig. A funny thing is that he came through two days ago and the picture of the three piggies is from June 10, so they had a pig escape more than once! The farm is just across the lake and they have a variety of animals.

Today I retrieved the card from the camera in order to download these pictures.

This line-up of Canada geese is not a trail cam photo; it's one I took.

On a less pleasant note, I saw this vehicle running across community-owned land heading straight toward a flock of geese. It was going rather fast and the occupants were laughing and hollering. The poor geese ran toward the lake in a panic! I think they all made it into the water without injury.

I was angry. I marched into the road where I knew they had to exit from the grass. I stood in the road and they stopped. I bawled out the driver for terrorizing the geese. He said I was wacky and I yelled that he was mean! A young woman in the Kawasaki apologized for scaring the geese. The driver was unrepentant. He is a goose-hater.


  1. ...to the best of my knowledge we don't have pigs in our yard!

  2. Hello, at first I thought you had wild pigs. They are cute. I love the geese. I am glad you gave that driver a piece of your mind, chasing the geese in the cart is mean. I appreciate your linking up and sharing your post. Thank you for the comment! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  3. Wow...that trail cam picks up a lot of activity! Love the line of Canada geese.

    I want to send along my thanks for your participation this week at IRBB.

  4. Wow. Jackasses abound, I see, not just in Texas. Good for you for confronting him. Hope he doesn't return and keeps his rude geese/animal hating to his own property.
    Thanks for the great shots of wildlife & other various activities. Hope the farmer found his pigs. The Canadian geese are wonderful, too!

  5. I have never thought of pigs walking through the garden :-) anyway, I think the black one is the most expensive.

    Love the picture of the deer while it was looking for food on the night!

  6. I've told kids at the lake not to chase the ducks and geese, while their parents are watching. What's with people and their attitudes toward animals!

  7. That driver deserves to meet a bad end.

  8. I do like the line of Canada geese.

    All the best Jan

  9. Harassing Canada geese is a Federal Crime because there's a treaty that protects them. Good luck getting action from whoever? the FBI?

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  10. Wow lots of interesting footage on your trail camera Linda, I suspect if that man is angry with geese he is probably angry with life also, he should get some anger management help!

  11. It is always interesting to see what your trail cam catches. Good for you for looking out for the geese!


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