May 22, 2020

Random Pictures, Late May.

1. Black and White: This is the North Fork of the Shenandoah near Strasburg.

2. Skywatch: The sky is cloudy, as it has been quite a bit in recent days. We've had our share of rain too. This medical building is in Timberville.

3. Friday Bliss: Jack-in-a-Pulpits can be hard to spot because the flower hides under the large leaves. I found some of these wildflowers at the Thompson Wildlife Management Area.

4. Friday Flowers: Rhododendrons are in bloom. I photographed these pink ones in Capon Springs.

5. This fancy iris is blooming in my yard. I don't recall whether I bought it from Iris Hills in Middletown or from Exline near Berkeley Springs.

Have a nice weekend and 
Stay safe! 


  1. Interesting architecture on the medical building. I like the large arched entry!

  2. Absolutely lovely black and white!

  3. Amazing that Jack-in-the-pulpits gow wild in the nature! Your iris is fabulous.

  4. ...the flowers get my vote this week! Thanks Linda for stopping by, stay safe.


  6. That iris has a wow factor of 10! Beautiful flowers. Springtime is a balm to the weary soul... Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love iris and rhododendrons. Such bright splashes of color.


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