May 21, 2020

Front Royal Covid-ality

I drove through Front Royal today. It was cloudy and dark but at least we're not having the flooding that some places are dealing with.

An electronic sign displays the local Covid-19 Hotline.

In front  of the hospital is a sign saying "Heroes work here." We certainly appreciate the medical staff and all the folks helping to fight the pandemic.
Thankful ThursdayLittle Things, and Signs, Signs.

"FREE FOOD!" A banner over the street lets people know that they can pick up food on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Blessing boxes around town also offer food. This one has an announcement that meals are available at a Baptist Church on some evenings.

Near the blessing box I saw another box, a "Free Library." There was a note saying "This wise owl reminds you to disinfect the covers of your book choice. Remember to wash your hands before and after reading. Enjoy reading while protecting yourself and others."

The bowling alley is still closed by state order. The owner has been vocal about his unhappiness with the lockdown. It was partially lifted this week but only for certain services, and sports facilities were not among those allowed to resume business.

Another business has a more positive message: Spread love, not germs.

In that same shopping center is Gordmans, which until recently was Peebles. Their parent company closed Peebles, renovated, and reopened the store as Gordmans with a different pricing structure. It opened on March 4, only three days before the first cases of COVID-19 were announced in Virginia.

Now it's closing. The coming has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


  1. Hello, we always road through Front Royal on the way to Shenandoah. The blessing boxes are wonderful. God bless the heroes and frontline workers. Enjoy your Friday, Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  2. ...I'm so sorry that the bowling center dude is unhappy! I see a lot of little libraries, but not blessing boxes here. Thanks Linda, take care!

  3. Good to see the differences that businesses are enduring...some meaning they aren't going to be around any longer. Many changes in the last month and a half. Wonder what it will be like in another 3 months...

  4. It's a shame that so many businesses will end up having to close because of the pandemic. It seems no one goes unaffected.


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