May 20, 2020

Captured on Camera

Wild Bird Wednesday.
The trail cam by my driveway only captures wildlife every once in a while, and bird pictures usually just show a distant blackbird standing on the ground. I checked it the other day and was pleased to see these two birds in flight: a cardinal and a sparrow.

The camera is motion-activated. Often it captures people in my driveway, especially the hard-working folks who bring us packages. I made a collage to honor them.


  1. ...the in flight birds are special.

  2. Hello, love the bird in flight captured. I am thankful for all the hard working people at the US post office and the other delivery companies. Take care! Wishing you a happy day!

  3. So true about the delivery people. Neat to have that camera for both birds and people!

  4. The birds in flight are great. I really like the cardinal.

  5. How exciting to catch the birds in flight Linda. Yes the delivery workers will be exhausted I should think, so many on line and food deliveries ✨

  6. The birds in flight pictures are wonderful.

    Yes, big thanks to all the delivery drivers.

    All the best Jan


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