May 1, 2020

It's the First of May.

It seems like we lost half of April, having to stay home so much. Let's hope things get better this month. I have a feeling they will get worse before they get better, though. Anyway, I'm joining Tom's Willy Nilly linkup and a few others so here we go.

1. Irises! I see them every year and I still marvel at them. 
Floral Friday and Friday Bliss.
2. Black and White: Some vines have danced around on a barbed wire fence. I don't know why.

3. Weekend Reflections: This is my window looking out. Our lamps reflected multiple times on the double pane glass.

4. Earlier this evening I posted some pictures from a grocery shopping trip. It was stressful but now let me show you a positive experience across from the store. Gas prices have fallen, since demand is way down due to people staying home. Not long ago we paid over $2 a gallon, and of course prices been more than that for a number of years. So it is exciting to find gas at $1.39, like discovering a special bargain.

It happens that I earn points at the grocery store and a hundred points gets me a 10 cent discount on each gallon of gas that I buy at that chain's gas station. Since I haven't been driving much, I accumulated a 40 cent discount, so I bought a tank of gas at (ta da!) 99 cents a gallon.

It has been years (decades) since I got gas for under a dollar a gallon. It was so exciting that I took a picture.
5. Skywatch Friday: That's the Woodstock Water Tower on the left. 

And here we are, on our way to an uncertain future. The best thing to do right now is to stay safe. I wish you strength and peace.


  1. Siempre da alegría poder llenar el depósito del coche, a un precio más barato, pero, estoy seguro de que no te importaría pagar algo más, y poder ser libre como el viento, para poder pasear o viajar sin restricción alguna, a donde te apetezca.
    Todo es cuestión de tener un poquito de paciencia, y verás como pronto salimos todos de esta terrible situación.
    Muy bonita tu entrada de hoy.
    Un abrazo y cuidaros mucho.

  2. Gas prices here have gone way down too.

  3. ...our iris are called flags because they bloom at Memorial Day.
    ...I love the grapevines in the black and white.
    ...nice lamps. today's dollars, gas is cheaper than when I learned to drive.
    ...nice moody sky.
    Take care!

  4. Pretty irises. The price of petrol has gone down but we are not using much since we have to stay home most of the time.

  5. Gas is $1.25 a gallon in some of the small towns around Tulsa and $1.30 per gallon in Tulsa. Bright side to a dismal situation.

  6. Our gas seems to have sky rocketed as quickly as it plummeted. I paid .36/gallon without gas points and yesterday I saw a station charging $1.57.
    I love the thick and powerful vines, great shot.

  7. An interesting set of photos. I like the vine in black and white and the reflections on your window. The lamp looks a pretty one. I expect the price of petrol has gone down here too, but as we haven't been out driving we haven't use any in the tank. I love flag irises. We have them growing in our Italian house and I imagine they'll be out now. We hope the road ahead as in your photo will become clearer as time goes by and hopefully some sort of normality resumes. Sadly, not for quite a long time I think.

  8. Those vines make wonderful shapes!

  9. Beautiful iris and black and white photo, and enjoyed the rest. Gas prices are amazing right now and I'm glad you took that photo. Just showed it to hubby. Your last photo and caption was poignant. Wishing you and all out there a healthy and happy future.

  10. The sky in the last photo is a beauty. I'm so jealous of your gas prices. Here in S CA, it's hovering around $2.75 for regular. Nobody can figure out were all that gas tax money goes!!

  11. Lovely to see the irises.

    Happy May Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. I love the reflections on your window - looks very interesting & beautiful <3 Have a nice Sunday!

  13. Irises are so beautiful. They bring me joy every year too.

  14. I like the cool reflection photo!

  15. cool, I love your Black and white photo. Trees and bushes are amazing in forming interesting shapes :)

  16. Ah, I just had to scroll back a ways to see how you’re coping with all this . I agree with you that it’s not over yet for sure. Your last picture says it all ... we just have to keep on going down that road though...))) ..... love the iris... still looking for some “tamel ones, tho I found wild ones last week.

  17. Uncertainty is a good word for that last photograph you posted. Be safe.

  18. I love the first shot of the flowers, so pretty! We have rata vines, like the one you shot, some are estimated hundreds of years old!
    Hang in there, this too will pass :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World


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