March 30, 2020

Social Distancing Random-osity

Something Good: I participated successfully in my first Zoom meeting. That's a brand of video conferencing and it worked nicely. The sound was better than I had on an audio conference via phone a few weeks ago.

Normally the committees for Friends of Seven Bends State Park meet in person, but that has changed due to the pandemic. The grand opening for the park was going to be in April, but of course it has been delayed . We don't know when it will be safe for people to come together for events again. Today Virginia's Governor strengthened his earlier announcement, issuing a "Stay at Home" order. We can still got out for necessary things like grocery shopping and even exercise.

Random: We miss eating in restaurants but they are open only for carry-out or deliveries. I'm glad I know how to cook!

This is a mural on Manolete's Restaurant in Winchester. I've never eaten there but I admire their colorful artwork.
Monday Murals.
It's been almost a year since the first mural was painted on this restaurant. The city threatened to have it painted over because the owner had not gotten permission for a multi-colored sign. Citizens protested that it was art, not a sign, and the city relented. Now it looks like the owner got permission for additional murals. This one was just finished (note the paint cans) and another one was underway when I went by there a few weeks ago.

There's been a similar controversy in Sperryville.
Fun: I met my daughter Lynn for lunch but we had to be creative. We each brought our own food and stayed in our own car. I sat on the passenger side of my car so we could chat and still keep the "social distancing" recommendation of staying six feet apart. This is not as companionable as sitting across a table but it was still a chance to see each other. 

Postscript to my fellow Bloggers: I hope those of use who are blogging about this unique time in history will eventually print the posts in a permanent blog book for our descendants or future historians to read. Sadness, anxiety, creativity, reflections on what is important... these are things I am seeing on blogs and I think they are expressing a major change in the way we approach our lives. So much that we took for granted has suddenly changed! I feel as though I wake up in the same house but the world outside has shifted. It is different every day.

(One source for printing a blog book is Blog2print. If you use a different one, please share in the comments.)


  1. So glad the restaurant got to keep the mural painted with permission and even had more murals painted.
    The power of art and public opinion :) The mural is very pretty Linda, thanks for contributing.
    I had never heard of printing blog posts, will look into your link.
    So nice that you got to see your daughter even with a bit of distance. I'm missing hugging my grandkids who I haven't physically seen since the 2nd March :(

  2. Hello, I love the mural. That is a creative way to picnic with your daughter. Our world is not so normal any more, hopefully the normal will return soon. Wishing you a happy healthy new week!

  3. Having lunch side by side in cars is a very clever idea for maintaining the distance! No way to forget what you are supposed to do.

    be well... mae at

  4. I'm missing my weekly lunch with friends...maybe we will follow your example!

  5. I do like the mural.
    These days you have to be creative with social distancing... well done :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Angústia essa situação que estamos passando, sentindo falta do abraço dos meus filhos e netos...O mundo está diferente, tristezas por tantas vidas perdidas.

    Se cuida!

    1. Yes, I have been crying from reading the reports of people who died. So sad.

  7. I'm impressed, not just by the mural, but by the fact the city relented and backed down. It shows that citizens have a real voice at times.

    What a clever idea for social distancing. Nicely conceived.

    Somehow you and I aren't visiting many of the same blogs, Linda. On the blogs I read, there's mostly hope, positive words and photos, and upbeat attitudes. Only one blog I visited in the past week showed a bit of fear and worry. We may all be worried in our own way, but most people are making the best of life in the age of corona virus,

  8. I like that mural. That was a clever way to maintain the social distancing.


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