August 20, 2018

Sperryville Random-osity

The Good: The Thornton River runs through the small town of Sperryville, Virginia. Not much bigger than a pretty creek at this point, the river help carve a pass through the Blue Ridge called Thornton Gap, known as one of the access points to Skyline Drive.

The Random: This is on the side of The Happy Camper store. There has been a controversy over whether it is an unapproved sign (and thus not allowed under town rules) or a mural. 

Monday Murals and Signs, Signs.
 The Fun: On the front of the store is a big H for Happy (I assume) and next to the door is the sign for "Open" or "Nope." I looked more closely and discovered that the sign has a little secret.

The "N" comes off and sticks magnetically. So when a manager opens the store, he moves the "N" to the right of the letters "OPE," forming the word Open.


  1. I'll call it a mural and I love the secret of the N

  2. What an interesting story with the "mural" and the door that goes from Nope to Open :)
    Thanks for participating Linda.

  3. Hello, pretty view of the river. I would call it a mural. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. Love the sign!
    I say a business owner should be allowed to paint the side of his building - that's a mural!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. The sign is fabulous! I've love to explore Sperryville Main St.

  6. The open/nope sign is very clever!

  7. Love that about the 'N' !!!

    All the best Jan


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