February 23, 2020

Saturday at Renzall's Church

This is a storefront church. Agape Worldwide Ministries is in Springfield, Virginia.  

On Saturday, they held a memorial service for my friend Sarah Fields. My daughter Lynn and I went. Sarah's son Renzall is pastor of the church.

Sarah passed away in mid-January in North Carolina and a service was held there a month ago. This second service was for her friends in Virginia, where she lived for many years and was a beloved member of Renzall's church.

The service was full of fond remembrances. A number of people remembered Sarah from her years as a 4-H club organizer, which is where I met her.

My children and her children went to 4-H camp together and took part in other activities including a parade.

Pastor Renzall Fields poses with Lynn.


  1. I know Sarah was a neat Lady and you guys will miss her.

  2. ...dear friends are hard to see go!

  3. Good to have memorial services, where friends and family can celebrate the life of loved ones. What a gorgeous rose photo!

  4. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like she will be well remembered.

  5. I am sorry Linda. It is good that they held this second service so that all of you —her friends in her old home town — could honor her life.

  6. Sorry to read about the loss of your friend.

    That rose looks fabulous.

    All the best Jan


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