January 14, 2020

About Sarah

This a from a 1981 newsletter that I kept because it had a picture of me with Sarah Fields at a volunteer recognition event. Sarah and I worked together in Alexandria's Urban 4-H program during the late 70's and early 80's.

 Last week I got a message from one of her daughters that she had suffered a stroke. Today her family announced her transition. She will be missed!

Over the years we kept in touch. The photo of her with Lynn is from 2014, when we went to a celebration in Northern Virginia honoring Sarah's 81st birthday.

Sarah was probably the best listener I ever talked to. She had empathy and a solid spiritual grounding. I have heard her preach at her son's church. But her true ministry was helping people in the community. She was an inspiration.

Thank you, Sarah, for your love and guidance.


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