February 21, 2020

Here and There but Not too Far.

Willy Nilly Friday.

1. Gallery 3 is a new art gallery in Sperryville. It's not a very big space but they do offer art classes.

Black and White Weekend.
 2.  Here's the North Fork of the Shenandoah as seen from the low-water bridge at Hollingsworth Road.
Weekend Reflections.

3. Friday Bliss: I spotted this dish garden in a gallery and thought it was nice enough for a picture.

4. Skywatch: Purple! Like all the pictures in this particular post, this is a cell phone photo.

5. When I was working on photos for my post on the Lincoln Homestead, my laptop started having memory problems so I could not do the usual processsing in Photoshop. I had to delete some old files and applications so I didn't get around to posting all the pictures I wanted. This one shows the top of the front door.


  1. Beautiful shots. The door with arch is so inviting!

  2. ...neat details Linda. My computer has been giving me a few hiccups lately. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Very nice! Gallery 3 looks an interesting place.

  4. I love that last photo! All my pictures since I've been back have been from my phone too...I have also been having memory problems on my computer so I've not taken my camera out and I miss it 🙁

  5. Great selection of photographs, but that sky is truly amazing :)

    All the best Jan

  6. I like your view from the low water crossing, perfect beauty for Reflections.
    BTW, my computer crashed, cratered, last November and I've been using my Galaxy 8 smartphone ever since. It is real easy with posting photos.

  7. I love the architectural details...especially the ornate columns and then a simple wood slats ceiling.

  8. You do a great job documenting where you live.

  9. An interesting set of photos. Gallery 3 would be a great place to go for art classes.

  10. I love the purple sky. That's a cute dish garden too.

  11. seems to be a nice little gallery :)


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