February 20, 2020

Welcome to Bears Den!

Bears Den is a lodge serving hikers on the Appalachian Trail. It is on the crest of the Blue Ridge between Bluemont and Berryville. 

The lodge was built in 1933 in the style of a Medieval castle. A doctor and his wife, an opera singer, lived here for years. In 1984, the vacant property was purchased by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club.

I had seen it mentioned a few times as a location for events, and I became curious. Recently we drove up there to take a look. I'll have to go back on a warmer day and walk out to the overlook. There is a small fee for parking.

Note the metal rails with a big "A.T." symbol. That's the Appalachian Trail symbol!

In addition to serving as a hostel for hikers, Bears Den hosts events and has a small primitive campground. There are some short trails if you are not up to hiking the mountains on the Appalachian Trail.

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Someone did not let this dead tree go to waste! They carved out a family of bears and some owls!


  1. ...what a place! Such a neat sign out by the mailbox. What's with the sign, 'do not let the dog out' and 'no pets inside?' I like the "A.T." symbol in the fence. Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  2. The lodge looks like a great facility for hikers. It's an attractive looking building and just right for nature's setting. Some nice touches with the signs, ironwork fence and carving on the dead tree. Hope you can go back sometime.

  3. Bardzo chętnie odwiedziłabym to miejsce w Appalachach! jest dreszczyk emocji, bo można spotkać niedźwiedzia!

  4. Hello, I have never heard of this place. I love the bear carving. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

  5. That's an interesting find...quite a building and grounds well decorated! If parking has a fee, I wonder what staying the night costs...and if hikers can do that. I bet they would for the hot showers - I would!

  6. We'll have to check this place out if we get back to your neck of the woods. It certainly looks interesting.

  7. Looks an interesting place.

    All the best Jan

  8. That would be wonderful to arrive at at the end of a long hike!

  9. What a place! It would make some wonderful memories staying there with all its beauty. The carving is just awesome to see :)

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