January 28, 2020

Farms and History near Middletown

Frederick County, Virginia

The Barn Collective
This area is known for the Battle of Cedar Creek, and in 2002 a national historical park was authorized to protect and interpret the battlefield. The park has developed since then and recently entrance signs were erected. This park differs from most national parks in that a significant portion is privately owned, and is joined under agreements.

The photos with snow are from early this month.

Tuesday Treasures:

This monument stands in memory of Stephen Ramseur, who was mortally wounded nearby during the Civil War. A plaque reads:
"Northwest of this tablet, 800 yards, is the Belle Grove House in which died, October 20, 1864, of wounds received at Cedar Creek October 19, 1864, Maj.-Gen. Stephen Dodson Ramseur, C.S.A. A native of North Carolina, he resigned from the United States Army in 1861, and entering the Confederate States Army as a Lieutenant rose to rank of Major-General at the age of 27."
See also: A Lost Generation


  1. ...these barns are GREAT! The first one with the horses is wonderful. Linda your area is has a rich historical presence. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  2. Beautiful scene in the first photo.

  3. Hello, Love the first photo with the horses and barn. Great series. Wishing you a happy day!

  4. Beautiful park...I love the light on the memorial.

  5. Beautiful composition in first shot Linda and gorgeous light in the last ✨


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