May 28, 2018

A Lost Generation.

History at Sunset.
Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park,
"The Tragic Deaths of Stephen Dodson Ramseur and Charles Russell Lowell, Jr."

On Friday I went to Ranger Shannon's presentation at Belle Grove. She used the deaths of Major General Steven Ramseur, CSA, and Col. Charles Russell Lowell, Jr., USA, as examples of the tragic deaths of young men as a result of the Battle of Cedar Creek in 1864.

It was the losses of the American Civil War that led to the establishment of Decoration Day, which is now called Memorial Day.

The talk began on the lawn of beautiful Belle Grove, Middletown, Virginia. We made a couple more stops via car caravan. It was a perfect evening for an outdoor program.

Belle Grove Road, seen from the Valley Pike at dusk.

There is a monument to Ramseur at the corner of Belle Grove Road and U.S. 11 (Valley Pike). Here we see a monument to Lowell which stands by the Wayside Inn.

Commanding Reserve Brigade, 
Cavalry Corps,
Army of the Shenandoah.

Fell in action near this place, 
October 19, 1864.

Useful Citizen * Gallant Soldier 


  1. Sounds like an informative presentation. Beautiful sunset shot.

  2. An ideal presentation for Memorial Day.

  3. always eager to learn more, on public radio they featured movie themes around the civil war.

  4. A nice presentation for Memorial Day.

  5. Another place in Virginia I haven't been. Shame on me.


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