January 27, 2020

Late January Random-osity

Good: A cheerful mural covers the walls and ceiling of a stairway in the Woodstock Library.

The stair leads down to the children's section of the library.

Did you love the children's section when you were a kid? I know I did! I'd take out six books at a time, which I believe was the limit for each child. In a few weeks, we brought them back and I selected six more.

Sharing with Monday Murals
and Mosaic Monday.

I put three close-up shots of critters from the mural into a PhotoCollage.

Random: We had heavy rain over the weekend, causing flooding at some river crossings. Here we see the Shenandoah River as it appeared today from Skyline Drive. It was muddy brown and slightly out of its banks in places. (In the foreground is Skyline High School.)

The Fun: A group of local photographers got together for a lunch meeting in Strasburg on Saturday.  We share photos online and have only gotten together a few times.


  1. Linda - if I was still a kid, I would not need this mural to attract me to the kids' section of the library (but it wouldn't hurt). Like you, I loved reading when I was a kid and couldn't get enough books to read! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. Urocze obrazy na ścianach. Jako dziecko chciałam mieć tak pomalowane ściany!

  3. I like the murals very much. Beautiful murals.

  4. Hello, the murals are pretty and I love the view. Enjoy your day, wishing you a good week ahead.

  5. Na minha pequena aldeia aparecia uma carrinha que era a biblioteca.
    Imensos livros trazia lá dentro.
    E eu li - os e ficava fascinada.
    Ler é sinónimo de saber.
    Por isso perco - me nesse capitulo.
    Beijo de luz.
    Megy Maia

  6. Lovely post
    Have a nice week. I am a retired Library Assistant, when i got into the Library field i worked in Childrens' Library told stories on Saturday Mornings and hosted a Library Club where we had outings and did lots of gfun things😊


  7. Such lovely mural in the library. I don't think there was a library where I grew up in Africa, but we had lots of books at home and I always enjoyed reading.
    I enjoy visiting my local library, and wish I had more time to read more.
    What a nice meeting of photographers. Hope the rain doesn't cause any more damage.
    Thanks for participating Linda

  8. Living with my 10 yr old GrandBoy, and as he is an avid reader ... weekly library visits are our thing and I love it when he's ready to check out with about a dozen books in his arms! That library looks very special for the young ones ... and BTW, Skyline Drive is a wonderful wandering spot in any season.

  9. Lawdy I take the worst pictures! lol
    I'm going to have to visit that library.
    We got "evacuated" from Muse after our meet up. Sally announced the river was lapping the low water bridge and we all high tailed it out of there!

    1. I thought about you when I read the next morning that Lupton Road was flooded!

  10. Great gathering of photographers...so much laughter must influence the pictures! (Or the brew.) Yep we got some flooding from that rain too.

  11. Our library in the town where I grew up didn't have a dedicated children's section per se, but I always took out the maximum number of books allowed. Over the summer, I always signed up to read 100 books. I always made it, too. When I took the books back the librarian would mark off the ones I'd read, then take one at random and ask me questions to make sure I'd read them. I like YOUR library's children's section better, though. That's a lovely mural.

    Your river banks look a bit like ours did last spring. Not much rain or snow since then, though.

  12. What a fun mural for the children's library! I always enjoyed taking my kids to the children's library to pick out books! When I was a kid I just used the school library which I loved library day!

  13. That is such a lovely mural in the library …

    All the best Jan

  14. The mural details are quite cheerful!

  15. I STILL love the children's section in the library! What a fun library with the murals!

  16. That's a cute mural. Looks like a fun place.


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